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“This van service supplied my husband and I with reliable transportation from the airport to the hotel during our stay in Cleveland. The driver was friendly and helped with our luggage. The cost of the service as compared with a taxi was more in line with our budget. We plan to use the service again upon our next trip.”

Yahoo! User Reviews

“Excellent service, nice people.Best price in the city.”

Yahoo! User Reviews

“Peter Brandi from the Ohio Connection forwarded me a price quote for EDM students wanting special attention and care from the airport to the hotel and also from Dively Bldg to the airport on Saturdays. Some days I paid $35.00 to other cabs, if for whatever reason Peter or his other drivers could not pick me up. In his price quote he is being extraordinarily generous.  He and his drivers wait for us in the airport baggage claim area 4 with a sign. I commend you to Peter for his services extraordinaire. Please broadcast the Ohio Connection deal as widely as possible.   Thank you.”

Amit K. Maitra, CWRU – EDM student

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